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Photo of a foot on grass with a flower within the toenails. The nail is an ingrown toenail.

Did you know that people who have curved nails are more likely to develop an ingrown toenail? Ingrown nails can be a problem for children, teens, and adults. An ingrown nail is more than an inconvenience. Without prompt ingrown nail treatment, more serious medical problems can arise. We'll explore some of those potential problems below.

Potential Complications from Ingrown Nails

An ingrown nail could become infected. As the infection spreads, cellulitis may set in, or, on rare occasions, it can reach the bone in your big toe.

A bone infection is a serious medical emergency that often requires surgical interventions to treat. Any surgery can require recovery time and a prolonged recovery.

Open Sores and Other Forms of Infection

An infection of the toenail can also lead to lost blood flow. Tissue decay can increase the risk of an infection. Complicating these infections are certain risk factors like diabetes, kidney and peripheral vascular disease.

The feet are already a source of significant bacteria growth. Did you know that feet have around 250,000 sweat glands? These act as sources of energy for microbes that can infect an open sore.

Even the smallest of cuts due to an ingrown toenail can become infected very quickly. See your foot doctor right away if you have an ingrown toenail or an infection on your toe.

Untreated ingrown nails can also lead to open sores on your feet. This can make it extremely difficult and painful to walk. Darkened skin, tingling, and leg pain are all symptoms of the possible development of risks for reduced infection control and the development of sores.

Foot Ulcers

An untreated ingrown toenail can also cause a foot ulcer on rare occasions. These often-painful sores do not heal on their own. The lesions can periodically return over long periods of time. Ulcers result from the breakdown of skin and tissue.

Symptoms include burnings, swelling, redness, foot/toe fever and pain.

Oozing Pus

One very unpleasant result of untreated toenail infection is oozing pus. As your body fights the infection, white blood cells concentrate near the area of the infection. Discharge near the site of the infection results in what is commonly referred to as pus.

This symptom should be taken very seriously. By the time the toe is discharging pus, the infection risk increases.

You may be at risk of a bone infection that could require immediate prescription of antibiotics and for some, surgical intervention. Call our office to schedule an appointment to determine how complicated and serious the ingrown nail is for you.

Treat Your Ingrown Nails in Calgary

Ingrown nails can cause a serious medical complication if they are not treated quickly. If you notice the symptoms of an ingrown nail, contact our office to schedule an examination. Treating ingrown nails in Calgary is a convenient and straightforward procedure.

The Heritage Family Foot Clinic of Dr Tedman Donovan has the training to treat a wide range of foot-related concerns. Be sure to schedule a visit to our clinic to treat your ingrown nails in Calgary before you experience one of these complications. To schedule your next visit to Heritage Family Foot Clinic, give us a call or leave a message today at 403-253-8693 and a staff member will contact as soon as possible.


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