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Foot-Friendly Shoes

Buying New Shoes? Our Calgary Foot Clinic Offers Some Advice

For many, buying new shoes is an obsession; for others, shoe shopping is a real chore. Unfortunately, many consumers opt for style, low pricing, and convenience over proper comfort and size. Your choice of shoe directly impacts the condition of your toes and feet, which contributes to your gait and overall health. If you’re planning on buying shoes, our Calgary podiatrist has some helpful hints to help protect the integrity of your feet.

Choosing Foot-friendly Shoes

When it comes to shopping for women’s shoes just remember, they aren’t supposed to hurt! As far as the gentlemen go, it’s important to keep in mind that different activities may require different footwear to suit the occasion.

A few other tips that can help:

  • Measure both feet from a standing position
  • Make note if you have one foot bigger than the other
  • Don’t settle for shoes you feel you will need to break-in
  • Whenever possible, select a shoe with good cushioning and flexibility
  • Don’t pick new shoes based on your last shoe size
  • Get custom orthotics because they can make any shoe fit perfectly and comfortably

Does your current pair of shoes bother your feet? Visit Heritage Family Foot Clinic for a professional assessment today!


Support Your Foot

Custom orthotics are an effective way of repositioning your foot for greater comfort

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