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Ingrown Toenails


Heritage Family Foot Clinic offers dependable treatment for ingrown toenails in Calgary. Don’t worry if you have an ingrown toenail; Dr Tedman Donovan can help. Improper treatment of ingrown toenails can threaten diabetics, poor circulation, kidney/liver disease, and patients with pacemakers and joint replacements. This problem occurs when the edge of a toenail pierces the skin, resulting in inflammation and eventually infection.


You may have an ingrown toenail without realizing it. But if you notice redness, tenderness, or pus leakage on the side of your toenail, you should visit our clinic for a professional examination. Remedies include everything from soaking the feet and using OTC or prescription medications, and sometimes you may require surgery when a severe infection occurs. Call us at the Heritage Family Foot Clinic to schedule an appointment.


What Are Ingrown Toenails?

Sometimes toenails can grow into the surrounding skin, causing discomfort and pain. It happens when the corners of the toenail get trapped in the skin and may even cut into it. This is known as an ingrown toenail.  This can also be caused by deformed nails.

Causes of Ingrown Nails

Dealing with ingrown toenails can be quite a hassle, and many factors can contribute to their occurrence. Some of these factors include:

Cutting nails incorrectly: Cutting them unevenly and irregularly can cause ingrown nails.

Placing pressure on your toes: Using stockings, shoes, or tight heels that put pressure on your toes also encourages the ingrowing of nails.

Injuries: Any injury that affects your foot, primarily your toes, can also be a reason for this condition. This includes getting hit on your toenails or dropping something heavy on your toes.

Other factors: Various factors can contribute to this condition, such as neglecting foot hygiene, adopting poor posture, and genetic predisposition.


The symptoms change with the phase. In the early stage, you can feel:


Redness near your toenail

Swelling in the surrounding skin

Formation of fluid or pus around the toe

When the early situation is not treated on time, it could lead to:

Bleeding from the nails

Oozing of pus

Growing of skin around the nail

Extreme pain and pressure


Treatment for Ingrown Toenails
When dealing with ingrown toenails, there are various treatment options to consider. These methods relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and promote proper nail growth. Here are some common approaches:

Soak the foot in warm water

Using ointments

Switching to better footwear options

Over-the-counter (OTC) painkiller

Using custom made orthotics for shoes

Removing the nail if the situation becomes worse

Treating the Ingrown Toenails in Calgary

The Heritage Family Foot Clinic of Dr. Tedman Donovan in Calgary can provide effective treatment if you suffer from ingrown toenails. Our clinic is experienced in treating and preventing the pain and pressure associated with this condition. You can trust Dr. Tedman Donovan to provide you with compassionate care. They can advise on foot-friendly shoes, foot care for runners, and necessary foot care everyone should do.

Come visit us today to take advantage of our treatments for ingrown toenails in Calgary. If you have any other conditions that concern you, rest assured that we are here to provide assistance and support.


Suffering from Ingrown Toenails?

Choose Heritage Family Foot Clinic and let us provide professional ingrown toenail treatments in Calgary.

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