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Custom Orthotics

Are You Dealing with Foot Pain in Calgary? From Bunions to Warts, We Can Help!

If you require medical shoe inserts for foot pain, our Calgary clinic creates custom-made orthotics to reposition the heel, ligaments, tendons and bones in your feet for greater comfort. Call us today for an appointment. Our biomechanical assessments take your lifestyle, dermatology, and overall health into consideration when fitting you for a new insert. We use non-weight bearing molds to design a product that will control the alignment of your foot. Poor foot structure contributes to many of the problems we see. Custom orthotics permit you to go about your daily activities in a better way. Whether you’re an athlete or a busy grandmother, you can’t afford to be off your feet. For custom orthotics in Calgary, think of us!

What Orthotics Do?

Misalignment of the foot is the source of many common foot conditions such as hammer toe, corns, and bunions. Orthotics pad and protect the contours of your feet. Using the latest technologies, our clinic will take a mold of your foot in order to create a custom orthotic for your shoes. Orthotics prevent further misalignment, reduce tendon and ligament fatigue, and reduce inflammation during your movement.

It’s amazing how proper footwear can enhance the quality of one’s life. Get in touch with our clinic to discover the possibilities. 


At our clinic, we have VeriScan Podiatric Scanner that utilizes red line-laser 3D-imaging technique. It has the capacity to accurately and quickly capture a true-dimension digital cast of your foot. The scanner is technologically advanced and hence can complete the process very quickly.


Benefits of Custom Orthotics

​​Custom orthotics, often known as shoe inserts or arch supports, are foot supports designed to support trouble areas. They can assist in correcting a toe joint deformity, elevating the arch, and easing heel pain. When it comes to orthotics, customization is crucial. Custom orthotics, unlike generic, mass-produced shoe inserts sold over the counter or online, are made individually for your foot. They are made to match the curves and size of your foot and provide support exactly where you need it. There are many benefits of custom orthotics:

Corrects deformities: While discomfort is a symptom, underlying structural issues are frequently the cause. Custom orthotics help to correct the underlying cause of your pain, such as collapsing arches or high arches, rather than disguising it.

Relieves pressure: Cushioning and support are provided by custom orthotics, which redistribute your feet’ pressure. This is useful if you have arthritis or stand for long amounts of time at work. Orthotics can also help prevent pressure ulcers and other diabetic foot problems.

Improves health: You may be interested in custom orthotics because you have foot pain, but you may also benefit if you have backache, ankle ache, or knee discomfort as it can significantly improve your health and condition.

Your feet are responsible for maintaining good alignment and a healthy range of motion in your ankles, knees, and back. As your stride or stance alters to adjust for foot pain, it can cause pain and reduce mobility in your joints, muscles, and tendons. This puts a strain on your back and lower extremities' soft tissue and skeletal structures. Custom orthotics can help prevent these problems by restoring appropriate foot alignment.

Podiatric scanner


Our podiatrist can help determine the right course of treatment for your ailing foot

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