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Podiatrist taking measurements from the patient’s foot to make custom orthotics.

It's hard to believe that a simple change in your footwear can significantly reduce or even eliminate nagging pain. But it can.

Custom orthotics can treat a myriad of problems, from foot pain to knee pain to hip pain to back pain.

After reading this custom orthotics guide, you'll understand what custom orthotics are and how they will significantly benefit your overall wellness.

What Are Custom Orthotics?

You've probably seen cookie-cutter orthotics in the wellness section of your local department stores. Custom orthotics in Calgary and elsewhere surpass what generic orthotics can do.

No two feet are the same, so you shouldn't assume that the same orthotic can fix different feet.

Custom orthotics are shoe inserts made specifically for your feet and foot problems. They have rises and dips that address your foot weaknesses and thus address your instability, balance, and gait problems, as well as the pain you feel in your knees, hips, ankles, and even your back.

Custom Orthotics Benefits

Exactly how will custom orthotics benefit you? When you slide your feet into orthotics made for your feet, you'll notice a difference in the distribution of pressure and the support of the arch. Here's what should happen, depending on your condition being treated:

· Reduced leg pain

· Reduced ankle pain

· Improved balance

· Increased walking endurance with minor discomfort

· Increased standing endurance with less discomfort

· Reduce the risk of bunions, corns, and calluses

· Improved posture

Your feet are your foundation. Custom orthotics will allow your feet to support you like they're supposed to finally. As a result, you should notice a difference in the condition that is being treated by Dr Donovan of the Heritage Family Foot Clinic.

Strengthen Joints

If you have stronger feet, the strength will trickle up to your ankles, knees, hips and back. When the tendons of your feet are strained, the tension will rise to your joints. So custom orthotics should help alleviate your knee and back pain by helping to support and align your body.

Correct Pronation

A custom orthotic will correct your pronation (fallen arches)which should help to align your skeletal structure and reduce strain in other parts of your body. They will improve your walking and posture so you're not over-or under-stepping, and your tendons will thank you.

Correct Arches

Custom orthotics will also address a collapsed or high arch. Both abnormalities will cause significant problems with the ankles, knees, hips, and back and may increase the risk of callus formation and possible ulceration for people with circulatory problems and diabetes. The custom orthotic will support your feet and redistribute the weight and pressure more evenly.

Improve Overall Health

When your feet are in pain you don't want to exercise or participate in other activities. Orthotics should significantly reduce or even eliminate the pain caused by foot abnormalities and thus give you more reasons to participate in activities. A casual walk can turn into an exhilarating hike or run if you have the proper orthotics.

If you're an athlete, you'll see an improved athletic performance because you're taking care of your feet, aligning your body, and redistributing the pressure more evenly.

Reduce Back Pain

If your feet are straining to support you, they'll pull on tendons that stretch to your back. Chronic lower back pain is often due to foot imbalances.

Thus, if you wear a custom-fitted orthotic, you should see your back pain gradually resolve. You'll feel confident to do more. You'll have a healthier lifestyle because you chose to put a custom orthotic in your shoe.

Love Your Feet, Love Your Body

When you purchase custom orthotics, you're choosing to care for your feet a little more and, thus your entire body. If you take care of the foundation of your body and your feet, you should see a noticeable reduction in your pain and remarkable improvement in other parts of your body.

Do you have foot problems? If so, contact Heritage Family Foot Clinic of Dr. Tedman Donovan for all of your footcare solutions. Dr. Tedman Donovan can help you stand more comfortably and increase your mobility to participate in activities.


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