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Did you know your feet have up to 250,000 sweat glands? It's not often that our feet receive attention as we do with our face, hair, and hands, but this is a huge mistake because inadequate care for our feet can cause problems. Luckily, most foot problems can be avoided! It's important to know what causes these issues so that you can prevent them. Read more on these 5 common foot problems to uncover the causes of foot pain.

1. Blisters

Blisters are so common that seeing those on your feet shouldn't be scary. They appear in these circular-shaped fluid sacs that you see around your toes. Blisters can be caused by wearing tight shoes, standing for a long time, or sweaty feet.

Because blisters are non-threatening, it's usually best to leave them alone so they can heal. Avoid further injury by wearing the correct shoe size. You can also use an ice pack to help the blister cool down.

2. Bunions

Have you ever seen a foot with a bump by the big toe? Those are usually common in older people but can happen for younger people, too. Causes of bunions are from standing too long, arthritis, incorrect shoe size, inflammation, flat feet and lastly, genetics.

You can treat bunions by wearing the correct footwear, custom made orthotics, and utilizing OTC pain relievers. Surgery is also an option, but not always necessary. If you or someone you know has bunions in Calgary, then you need to see a podiatrist for further assessment.

3. Athlete’s Foot

Athlete's foot can be contagious because it can spread to other parts of your body. It is a fungal infection that is found in-between the toes and on the skin. Causes of athlete's foot can come from people sweating in shoes, public showers, change rooms at gyms or even a pool.

Prolong periods of wear on the feet can cause bacteria buildup since bacteria live in moist environments. Athlete's foot can be itchy, burning or be painful. Feet can peel and crack, and itch. Treat athlete's foot by keeping your feet dry with a separate towel. Purchase some antifungal treatments in drugstores. If it continues, seek Podiatrist medical care as a prescription strength medicine may be necessary.

4. Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is inflammation in the heel, typically where the plantar fascia attaches to the heel bone.

It causes stabbing pain when you walk that is often described as stabbing, burning or a bruised sensation. Plantar fasciitis is common in overweight people as well as runners. Plantar fasciitis can be caused by standing too long.

Like other diseases, getting exercise, ageing, and obesity can contribute to plantar fasciitis. It is best to get a checkup for further treatment.

If you have heel pain in Calgary, then there is a solution to plantar fasciitis that you need to consider with the help of a professional. Treatment may range from icing, stretching, oral anti-inflammatories, shockwave treatment, cortisone injection, custom orthotics etc.

5. Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown toenails happen when a nail grows tightly into your skin and becomes stuck and creates a pressure point. This can happen when you trim your nails too short improperly, especially on the sides of your big toe.

Ingrown toenails can also happen if you wear tight shoes. Your toe swells up, and infections can develop.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to treat ingrown toenails that don't require surgery:

• Soak your feet in warm saltwater twice daily • Keep your feet dry as possible • Wear appropriate and comfortable footwear • Take pain relievers if necessary • Call your podiatrist if your condition worsens

Tackle Foot Problems With Our Help

Causes of foot pain don't have to be severe if we take care of our feet. That's what we're here for! We help local members of our community tackle these prolonged foot problems.

Give us a call at The Heritage Family Foot Clinic in Calgary. The members of our team can schedule a checkup for you with the podiatrist, so you don't have to worry about having happy, healthy feet ever again.


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